A Level Year 12 - 13 Bridging Work

Art and Design
Regular attendees have already started producing research via PP and have started individual tasks to aid their extended essay. They all should have a sketchbook and picked up a Unit 3 booklet, we expect a first draft of the essay in September.

Applied Business (VLE - Classroom - Business - Unit 9)
• Complete Motivation Coursework (Mrs Maughan) to hand in first week back
• Complete Skills Audit and University research and Coursework (Mrs Maughan) to hand in first week back

Using the specification content highlighted below, research and make notes on the following topics in preparation for teaching in September. The expectation is that you will produce one page of notes for each topic e.g. 1 page for 3.5.2 Respiration- Glycolysis etc.
Mr White
1) 3.5.2 Respiration- Glycolysis
2) 3.5.2 Respiration- Link Reaction
3) 3.5.2 Respiration- Krebs Cycle
Mrs Sutton
1) Survival and response
2) Survival and response- plant growth factors
3) Survival and response- A reflex arc
You can use your new Year 13 text book and/or the internet.

BTEC Applied Science
Bridging work BTEC applied science 12 to 13.docx
Bridging work BTEC applied science 12 to 13.pdf
Business (BTEC)
• Carry out research on how 5 large companies use the Internet to market their products and services. Create a PowerPoint showing examples of the different marketing techniques they use on the Internet.
Complete the organic maps of AS and A2 content and ensure Kinetics work is completed up to date

Sign up to
Work some of the following modules:
• Python

Dance - Research and create a one page information sheet on the following Dance practitioners; Alvin Ailey, Judith Jamieson, Lester Horton, Robert Battle, Martha Graham

Design and Technology - Product Design
Coursework progress. Complete all research and at least two initial ideas.

Systems and Control 

Coursework progress. Complete the following:
• Design situation and brief
• Task analysis
• Initial system block diagram
• Initial specification
• Existing product research and analysis

Carry out research on the following materials:
• Hardwoods
• Softwoods
• Manufactured Boards
• Thermoplastics
• Thermosetting plastics
• Ferrous Metals
• Non-Ferrous Metals
• Smart Materials

For each material look at two examples and explain their characteristics and properties. Also give an example of where they are used.Present your work on an A3 power point with Research tables (examples on the VLE).This will form the start of your first coursework project.

• Read two or three books from the reading list.
• Research market structures such as perfect competition, Monopoly and Oligopoly

English Language
• Language students should be working on the second draft of their Language Investigation coursework as directed by their teachers

English Literature
Literature students should be working on the second draft of their coursework. This involves the comparison of two prose texts chosen by the students themselves. 
Students may also wish to read:

Film Studies
Year 13 Film Studies Bridging Work
Bridging Work Appendix A

Year 13: World Cities Bridging Work (PDF) and Booklet
You must complete all of these tasks before you return in September. This work will be checked the first lesson back so please ensure that you have it with you in your folder.

Physical - Earth's life support systems
 word format - pdf format 
Health & Social Care
Learning aim A: Examine how a duty of care contributes to safe practice in health and social care settings. A.P1, A.P2 and A.M1.
• The work for both courses must be completed before you begin you’re A Level course. Your work will be assessed in September. Detailed Task Information and Timeline
ICT - Applied (VLE - Classroom - Business - Unit 9)
• Complete Evaluation of Websites (Unit 14 Task A - 2015-2016 Brief PDF)

 BTEC IT Revision Workbook - Bridging - 148MB
 BTEC IT Revision Guide - Bridging work - 327MB

A level Exam Questions

Media Studies
• Complete any outstanding research work linked to your MS3 investigation. This may include:
 Viewing possible texts for study
 Making notes on your chosen texts
 Reading relevant books/articles in greater detail – by September you should be an expert in your chosen area!
• Find a magazine article (MediaMag can be used) or a newspaper article about the television industry. Be ready discuss what it says about television today.

Media Studies ( BTEC)
• Research 3 genres of photography, collect images from at least 3 different artists and describe the images you collect:
 Still life photography
 Portraiture photography
 Documentary photography

Modern Languages – French 
•         Complete the A2 Level Summer Preparation booklet

Modern Languages - Spanish - Workbook

Modern Languages - Russian
• Choose and research as discussed in class ONE of the following as part of Unit 4 of the A2 exam:
- A city or geographical area of Russia
- A piece of Russian literature
- A Russian film
- A period of Russian history
You can email me at any point in the holidays for guidance/clarification.

Music - Select 12 -15 minutes of repertoire at grade 6 level. Listen to a range of different pieces and explore the compositional devices within them.
Please see the linked documents below:
Physics Department AS to A2 Transition Work (PDF)  (Word version)
Past Papers Zip file (19MB - this file may take time to download)

Complete a further 3 pages of developmental work on your digital sketchbook.
Add pages to your slides with work on an artist linked to the first reaction, further experimentation into the shots (You can use your phones) you have carried out and any further ideas going forward.
Use these templates to help structure the layout

Physical Education
  1. Organised notes into three files, one for each paper. Use the online textbook to ensure you have a complete set of notes.
  2. Write up the report on Circadian Rhythms and Reaction Time
  3. Complete own notes/table on issues and debates topics.
You should come prepared to Year 13 Psychology lessons with your organised files and completed report and notes.

To access the Bridging Tasks, go to the Sociology homepage on VLE then click on the following links/folders – Year 2 – Paper 2 Beliefs in Society – LJD Folder – Bridging Task Folder.  There are two documents in this folder, one is a powerpoint containing instructions of the tasks to complete, and the other is an excel document you will need to refer to in order to complete some of the questions.  In addition, you will also need your Belief handout.
Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

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